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2017  SHISKINE GOLF CALENDAR   -   Champions' Edition

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2017 Shiskine Golf Calendar

Front Cover

1st hole at Shiskine Golf & Tennis Club, Isle of Arran

January  -  1st Hole - Road Hole - 368 yards - par 4,  SI 5

2nd hole @ Shiskine, Isle of Arran

February  -  2nd Hole (Twa' Burns) @ Shiskine
with snow on Kintyre in the distance

3rd hole at Shiskine Golf & Tennis club, Isle of Arran. Crows Nest

March  -  3rd Hole - Crows Nest - 122 yards - par 3,  SI 9

4th hole at Shiskine Golf & Tennis Club, Isle of Arran. The Shelf

"Having negotiated the tricky Crows Nest the Shelf is an invitation for a perfect shot depending of course on the wind! Beware however of distraction from the magnificent panorama which lies before you." 

-  Pat Adamson,

April  -  4th Hole - The Shelf - 137 yards  - par 3,  SI 11

5th Hole at Shiskine Golf & Tennis Club, Isle of Arran. The Point

"The 5th medal tee is my favourite spot on the whole golf course.This is where you take a deep breath of the fresh sea air and look round the stunning 360 degree views. Then you face an intimidating tee shot, normally with a cross wind blowing you towards the sea. As tough a par 3 as you can find anywhere in the world - you can enjoy a huge sigh of relief when you walk off the green with your card still intact." 

-  David Tod

May  -  5th Hole - The Point - 212 yards - par 3,  SI 7

6th hole at Shiskine Golf & Tennis Club, Isle of Arran. Shore Hole

6th Hole - Shore Hole - 266 yards - par 4,  SI 3

7th hole t Shiskine Golf & Tennis Club, Isle of Arran. Himalayas

"Arrive at the 7th - 'the Himalayas' is my name,
but to conquer me, be at the top of your game!
If you land on the beach or up on the dune,
score a par or birdie, - you'll be over the moon!
This photo's deceptive, I look quite serene,
but it's the wind that's deceptive
 - you could score fifteen!"

  -  Colin Allison,

7th  Hole - Himalayas - 162 yards - par 3,  SI 10

8th hole @ Shiskine, Isle of Arran

August   -   8th green (Hades) with the Drumadoon cliffs
& looking towards the Kings Caves

9th hole at Shiskine Golf & Tennis Club, Isle of Arran. Drumadoon

9th Hole - Drumadoon - 477 yards - par 5,  SI 2

October photo of Shiskine Golf Calendar 2017

October  -  10th Hole  -  Paradise  -  150 yards  -  par 3, SI 12

"Standing on the elevated tee on a bright sunny day, it is paradise indeed with stunning views over the Kilbrannan sound.  You can even see Ireland on a clear day.  It looks as if you should make the green easily with your tee shot using a mid to short iron but with a very strong prevailing wind sometimes even a driver is required. 
Avoid the bunkers at all costs!"

  -  Fiona Henderson

Many thanks to Alisdair Findlay for this superb photo,
taken from his drone.

11th hole @ Shiskine, Isle of Arran

November  -  11th Hole  -  The Hollows  -  196 yards  -  par 3, SI 4

"Now you get to the tee, it's another par 3,
and a nice easy par is your hope.
But you better beware, Stewart's been out there
and he's put the pin on the slope.
Although he's been told, our green keeper is bold.
We've seen this happen before,
so try for your three, but just believe me,
you may have to settle for four."  - 

Willie & Elizabeth Kelso

12th hole at Shiskine Golf & Tennis Club, Isle of Arran. Kilmory

12th Hole - Kilmory - 120 yards - par 3,  SI 8

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